Our Blog Scam Hits Holiday Shoppers

With all of the holiday shopping we do online, beware of scams like this one.  This Scam looks very real.  It takes you to a page that looks legitimate and asks you to confirm your information and, once you have done so, redirects you to Amazon’s actual website.  Remember to be cautious whenever someone is requesting your personal and

Pet Trust

Pet Trust CAN YOU GIVE MONEY TO YOUR PET IN YOUR WILL? Thanks to the passage of the Minnesota Pet Trust Statute this year, you can legally set up and fund a trust with money to pay for expenses of a caretaker or shelter to care for your pet after you pass away. By setting up a pet trust, you


SCAM IRS CALLS As you may know, my articles normally deal with family law issues. However, because I have had so many calls from clients regarding threatening phone calls from supposed IRS agents, I decided that scam IRS calls would be a good topic for this month’s article. Many people have been getting phone calls from people impersonating IRS officers.


ADULT AT AGE 18 Minnesota Law considers you an adult at age 18. An adult is responsible for handling their own legal and financial matters, and their medical care decisions on their own. Parents of an 18 year old no longer have legal authority to handle legal, financial or medical care decisions for their child. This comes as a surprise


CLAIMING CHILDREN AS DEPENDENTS IN DIVORCE In a divorce, which parent can claim the children as dependents for tax deductions? The ultimate authority in determining the allocation of dependency exemptions for minor children is the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Tax Code. The general rule is that a tax payer may claim a dependency exemption for a “qualifying child”.